images instruction set pdf
and     02              and
ior     04              inclusive or
xor     06              exlusive or
xct     10              execute
cal     16              call subroutine
jda     17              jump and deposit AC
lac     20              load AC
lio     22              load IO
dac     24              deposit AC
dap     26              deposit address part
dip     30              deposit instruction part
dio     32              deposit IO
dzm     34              deposit zero
add     40              add
sub     42              subtract
idx     44              index
isp     46              index and skip if positive
sad     50              skip if AC different
sas     52              skip if AC same
mus     54              multiply step
dis     56              divide step
jmp     60              jump
jsp     62              jump and save PC
skp     64
 skp    010000          invert skip condition
 spi    002000          skip on plus IO
 szo    001000          skip on zero overflow
 sma    000400          skip on minus AC
 spa    000200          skip on plus AC
 sza    000100          skip on zero AC
 szs    0000X0          skip on zero switch
 szf    00000X          skip on zero flag
sft     66
 RIGHT  010nnn  ..l/..r         rotate/shift right
 SHIFT  004nnn  r../s..         shift instead of rotate
 IO     002nnn  .../.i./.c.     rotate/shift IO
 AC     001nnn  .../.a./.c.     rotate/shift AC
law     70              load AC with address
iot     72              IO transfer
opr     76
 cli    004000          clear IO
 lat    002000          load AC with test word (OR switches)
 cma    001000          complement AC
 hlt    000400          halt
 cla    000200          clear AC
 lap    000100          load AC with PC
 stf    00001X          set flag
 clf    00000X          clear flag